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GDPR Fair Processing Statement

We are committed to protecting your information online. All transactions taking place within our registration system and website are protected via Secure Sockets Layer. Before entering personal or payment information please ensure your browser is operating a secure session. Check the status bar for a padlock symbol.

The GDPR Information Officer can be contacted at

You can obtain the information we hold about you, request its rectification and request it’s  erasure. We do not use third party data processors with the exception of our payment processor.

By ticking the box on the entry form you are opting in to use of your personal data for essential data processing in relation to the event you have entered and payment processing. You also agree that we may publish your personal Information as part of the results of the event and may pass such information to the governing body, race organisers, or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times, occupation and age category.

Any data processing is “occasional”.  We will communicate with you by  email address or  SMS but this is limited to receiving communication about race organisation, race results.  Your personal data will be used to create the start lists for our events but no directly identifiable information other than your name, club and age group  will appear on any documentation or results provided by us. The race organisers may contact you regarding entry to the following years’ race. Contact if you wish to be excluded from these race messages.

Any personal data, with the exception of Names, Club membership, race times, age category, will be deleted within 3 years on the first working day of January of that year. All data is held on password protected computer systems. It is not released to any third party with the exception of the race organisers.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties


If you are entering personal data for children, you have given your consent to us  for processing this personal data by opting in accepting the terms of the GDPR statement.

Legal Policy

All the informational data and materials including content contained within and on our website has been built only for the purpose of providing information about racesonline and services that are offered by our company.

The lawful basis for processing personal data is to carry out the business of race registration services and race chip timing on behalf of the event organiser.

Terms and conditions

Organising sporting events requires a considerable amount of forward planning, time, risk and expense. These include administrative, insurance, advertising, marketing, equipment, website and staff costs.

Competitor’s responsibility statement (Entry means agreement to this statement.)

Participating in any sport requires specific training, fitness and skills.

I confirm that I have completed sufficient training to ensure that I am fit enough to cope with the demands and stresses of the event entered and that my technical skills are adequate for the diverse requirements of the competition.

I accept that taking part in this event by its nature could be hazardous and there are many other foreseeable risks to which I consent.

I accept that I owe a significant duty of care to all other competitors, spectators and race officials. I will exercise all reasonable care to avoid causing death, injury or loss to any such persons and will indemnify the event organisers and their partners from and against any liability found against them arising out of my negligent or reckless acts.

I accept that in the event of my requiring medical attention during the event the medical personnel appointed by the event organiser take no responsibility for the treatment provided for any unreported existing condition/s which increases the risk of a medical emergency.

I acknowledge that the event organiser has relied on this statement (in its entirety) in accepting my entry to the event and that if I was unable or unwilling to agree to all the matters set out above in this statement of responsibility the event organiser would not allow me to compete. All statements of fact are true.”

1. Definitions

1.1 The event refers to any event listed on the organiser’s website.

1.2 An entry refers to payment received for either an individual or team application.

1.3 The event office is 19 Bellamy Close, Knebworth, SG3 6EH.

2. Conditions of Entry

2.1 By entering the event, all applicants agree to abide by our terms and conditions as listed.

2.2 All applicants are aware that the nature of the event is physically demanding and that by entering the event they are confirming that they are capable of completing the event and that the organisers will not be held responsible for any injury or illness as a result of their participation.

2.3 The entrant waives and discharges from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft and all other foreseeable risks, claims or actions of any kind (including negligence) whatever and however occurring which may arise, at any time, from or in connection with, directly or indirectly, their participation in the Event, the following persons or entities: The Event Organisers, Event officials and personnel, land managers and/or owners, event sponsors, volunteers, and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, independent contractors, representatives, agents and volunteers.

2.4 Our events take place in open and natural environments and as such hold lots of natural slip, trip and fall opportunities. The roads you use are open to traffic and the public. You enter knowing of the dangers and accept full responsibility for your action/s / yourself and that of those around you.  We “racesonline“ accept NO responsibility for any loss or injury however so caused by entering this event.

2.5 The entrant understands and complies with all the relevant information, rules and specifications for the event entered.

2.6  The Parent / Legal Guardian agrees to the following terms and conditions if the entrant is under 18 upon entry:

2.7.1 – I confirm that the entrant understands and must abide by the rules of the event and that of the governing bodies.

2.7.2 – I confirm the entrant have no medical disability that would endanger themselves or others by taking part (and will not compete if unfit on the day).

2.7.3 – I accept the hazards involved in multi sports events and acknowledge that my child takes part in these activities at my risk. Although the organisers take primary responsibility for the safety of children in these activities, I confirm that I understand that they accept no liability to me for any loss or damage to my child or our property arising out of his/her participation, other than the organiser’s liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence.

2.7.3 – I confirm that all equipment used by my child has been verified and checked as safe. Including all specialist equipment (bikes, helmets etc.)

2.7.4 – I confirm the entrant understands and agrees that during the race they will obey marshals & technical officials instructions.

2.7.5 – I confirm the entrant understands In the event of any illness/accident during these activities, I give FULL consent to any necessary medical treatment being administered to the named above, including anaesthetics if required.

3. Confirmation of Entry

3.1 An acceptance email will be sent confirming your entry to the event, from our payment system, if you have entered online.

3.2 It is the entrant’s responsibility to inform racesonline if any of these details are incorrect so they can be corrected by the time the event closes to entries.

3.3 racesonline cannot guarantee that any changes can be implemented if they are received after the event has closed for entries.

4. Competitor Withdrawal and Transfer

No refunds will be made.

It is possible to make a transfer of entry at however if this is made 7 days prior to a race please be informed that your race pack might be in the name you transfer from.

6. Race / Event Information:

6.1 All information relating to the event will be published on any advance changes / alterations to the course or event will also be published on the website as will individual start times. It is the responsibility of all competitors to ensure they are aware of all information relating to the event.

10. Entrants Information / Photography

10.1 The entrant authorises the use of their name, voice, picture and video along with any information provided on the event entry system/ form to be used without payment in any broadcast, telecast, communication, promotion, or advertising. The entrant also agrees that the information provided may be used by the event organisers for the purpose of promoting future or other events or for the promotion of the event charity(ies), race sponsors products and services.

11. Refusal of entry

10.1 racesonline or their clients maintain the right to refuse or revoke entry to any entrant entirely at their discretion.

11. Force Majeure

“Force Majeure” means an act of God, this may result in circumstances beyond our control that we are unable to deliver an event.  Including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, wind storm or other natural disaster; act of any sovereign including but not limited to war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, nationalization, requisition, destruction or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority or imposition of government sanction embargo or similar action; terrorism; law, judgement, order, decree, embargo, blockade, labour dispute including but not limited to strike, lockout or boycott; interruption or failure of utility service including but not limited to electric power, gas, water or telephone service; failure of the transportation of any personnel equipment, machinery supply or material required by racesonline or their clients for the provision of services pursuant to this Agreement, breach of contract by any essential personnel or any other matter or cause beyond the control of racesonline are unable to deliver an event.  In such circumstances competitors will not be eligible for any refunds, whether full or partial.

These terms and conditions will be dealt with under the law of England and Wales.


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