County Champs

If any race that we administer incorporates the Hertfordshire Open or Vets Championships, the following rules apply:

    • An athlete is eligible to enter the Herts County Championships by birth or by 9 months residential qualification. An athlete cannot enter the County Championships of more than one County in a calendar year.
    • If the race is being used as the Open (Senior) Championships then athletes of all ages, including veterans, are eligible.
    • If the race is being used solely as the Veterans’ Championships then male athletes must be 40 or over and female athletes 35 or over on the day of the race.
    • Veterans’ Championships will include the following age categories: MV40, MV50, MV60, MV70 and FV40, FV50, FV60, FV70.
    • An athlete entered for a Veterans’ Championship will be included in the oldest category for which he or she is eligible unless explicitly requested to be included in a younger category (before the commencement of the race).

                        Team Prizes

    • All Championships will incorporate team prizes for both men and women. A Veterans’ Championship  will have a single team prize, not a team prize for each age category.
    • A team consists of athletes who are eligible for the individual event and who have indicated that they are a member of a club which is affiliated to the Hertfordshire Association of Athletic and Road Running Clubs (and have paid the road race medal levy for the year)
    • If a club has more than 4 (3 in women’s teams) eligible athletes then they can have more than one team.

                        Individual Medals

    • In an Open Championship, medals will be awarded to the first 3 male and the first 3 female eligible athletes.
    • In a Veterans’ Championship, medals will be awarded to the first 3 eligible athletes in each age category.

                        Team Scoring and Medals

    • Team medals will be awarded to the first 3 men’s and the first 3 women’s teams with the lowest combined score (in the Championship race) for the first 4 (3 in women’s teams) eligible athletes within their team.
    • The men’s and women’s championships should be scored as separate races. Veterans’ Championships should be scored as a single race, not within each age category.