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No. Name Cat. Club
1504 ACKROYD, Brian MV60 Unattached
1510 ADAMS, Simon MV50 Handy Cross Runners
1513 BUCK, Suzie FS Burnham Joggers
1505 BURT, Matt MV40 Hatch Warren Runners
1506 COLLINS, Lee MV50 Handy Cross Runners
1501 ELVIN, Matt MV40 Unattached
1502 JONES, Tamsin FV40 Unattached
1507 LEIGH, Howard MV50 Unattached
1508 MEAD, Louisa FV40 Unattached
1503 MORRIS, Jennifer FS Unattached
1511 SMITH, Lisa FV40 Istead & Ifield Harriers
1509 STUBBINGTON, Phil MV50 Unattached
1512 SUCKSMITH, Helen FV40 Burnham Joggers