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No. Name Cat. Club
4 ACRES, Avril FV50 Bracknell Forest Runners
72 ADAMS, John MV40 Unattached
15 ADAMS, Ollie MV40 Headington Road Runners
73 ALLEN-TURNER, Melissa FS Unattached
107 ARNOTT, Graham MV40 Handy Cross Runners
153 BADHAM, Rachel FV40 West 4 Harriers
22 BAGLEY, Julie FS Reading Road Runners
40 BAMFORD, Sally FV50 Ranelagh Harriers
131 BAQUEIRO, Enrique MV50 Redway Runners
79 BARLOW, Wendy FV40 Unattached
170 BARRY, Paul MV60 Ealing Eagles
91 BARTON, Lucy FV40 Unattached
90 BARTON , Will MV40 Unattached
135 BATES, Andy MV40 Burnham Joggers
134 BATES, Kim FV50 Burnham Joggers
18 BERRY, Gavin MV50 Unattached
97 BEVAN, Tarne FV40 Unattached
10 BEYNON, Gareth MS Unattached
129 BLACKSHAW, David MS Unattached
130 BLUCHER-ALTONA, Helen FV50 Redway Runners
27 BLUNSDON, Pete MV50 Unattached
119 BOWEN, Andy MV50 West 4 Harriers
52 BRADBURY, David MV40 Unattached
115 BRIGHTMAN, David MS Unattached
112 BRIGHTMAN, EMMA FS Unattached
113 BRIGHTMAN, Maria FV50 Unattached
114 BRIGHTMAN, Matthew MS Unattached
25 BUMSTEAD, Robert MV50 Unattached
55 BUTLER, Andy MV50 Bearbrook Joggers Running Club
8 CANNING, Ben MV40 Unattached
197 CANNON, Doug MV50 Unattached
168 CANOSA, MARIO MV40 Unattached
35 CARROLL, Mervyn MV40 Unattached
106 CARTER, Sara FV40 Unattached
44 CHAPE, Sarah FS Unattached
59 COLEBOURN, Louise FS Unattached
60 COLEBOURN, Mark MS Unattached
179 COMBRINCK, Donovan MS Unattached
65 COOMER, Chris MV40 Unattached
198 COOPER, Stephen MV40 High Wycombe Hash House Harriers
61 CORTI, Andrew MV40 London Frontrunners
172 COSTIN, Nick MV50 Redway Runners
191 CROSS, Dan MS Thame Runners
80 CUNY, Didier MV40 Unattached
120 CZARNOMSKI, Pawel MV40 Maidenhead Athletic Club
182 DAWSON, Rachel FV40 Unattached
116 DE MORGAN, Christian MV40 Unattached
185 DEVLIN, Giles MV40 Fetch Everyone
98 DICKINSON, Sally FV40 Leighton Fun Runners
160 DOLPHIN, Jilly FV50 Handy Cross Runners
36 DONE, Stephen MV40 Unattached
196 DREWETT, Nicholas MV50 Unattached
105 DUNCAN-KING, Oliver MV40 Wycombe Phoenix Harriers & AC
48 DUNNETT, Mark MV50 South Devon Athletic Club
93 EDMENT, LISA FV40 Unattached
140 EDMENT, RICHARD MV40 Unattached
32 EDWARDS, Jake MS Unattached
96 ELDRIDGE, Claire FV40 Unattached
190 EMMETT, Mark MV50 Thame Runners
28 ENGLAND, Mark MV40 Unattached
46 ETHERIDGE, Tom MS Unattached
151 EVANS, Paul MV50 High Wycombe Hash House Harriers
11 FASHAM, Ben MS Unattached
143 FLETCHER, John MV40 Unattached
43 FLOYD, Andrew MS Unattached
62 FOGG, Sarah FV50 Maidenhead Athletic Club
53 FOSTER, Tim MV60 Unattached
1 FRASER FISH, Amanda FV40 Woodbridge Shufflers Running Club
117 FROST, Ruth FV50 Unattached
186 GALVIN, Vicki FS Unattached
175 GAZI, Dumi MS Unattached
66 GILMOUR, RORY MV60 White Horse Harriers
162 GRAHAM, Andy MS Unattached
118 GREENFIELD, Andrea FV40 Unattached
39 GRIFFIN, Duncan MV40 Wycombe Phoenix Harriers & AC
81 HAMER, Katie FV40 Ystrad Mynach Running Club
92 HAYES, Melanie FS Unattached
125 HAYNES, Kevin MV50 Unattached
149 HAYNES, Oliver MS Blackwater Valley Runners
178 HAZELL, Daphne FV40 Unattached
3 HODGSON, Ross MS Fetch Everyone
9 HOLDER, Roy MS Unattached
148 HONE, Ali FV50 Unattached
2 HONIGHT, Stephen MS Unattached
193 HOOPER, Toby MS Unattached
23 HOPWOOD , Fiona FV50 West 4 Harriers
138 HOWARD, Juliet FV50 Unattached
163 HUCKETT, Rebecca FV40 Westbury Harriers
177 HUDSON, Jacqueline FS Sandhurst Joggers
188 HUNTER , Andrew MV50 Unattached
29 JINADASA, Sahan MV40 Reading Road Runners
50 JONES, Nick MV50 Unattached
94 KENDALL-JONES, Liz FV60 Unattached
195 KENNEDY, Thomas MS Unattached
95 KENNY, Aida FV40 Unattached
142 KENT, Simon MV50 High Wycombe Hash House Harriers
139 KIMBER, PHIL MV70 Headington Road Runners
169 KNAPP, Robin MV50 Unattached
37 LADD, Dave MV50 Unattached
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