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No. Name Cat. Club
4 ACRES, Avril FV50 Unattached
15 ADAMS, Ollie MV40 Headington Road Runners
22 BAGLEY, Julie FS Reading Road Runners
40 BAMFORD, Sally FV50 Ranelagh Harriers
18 BERRY, Gavin MV50 Unattached
10 BEYNON, Gareth MS Unattached
27 BLUNSDON, Pete MV50 Unattached
52 BRADBURY, David MV40 Unattached
25 BUMSTEAD, Robert MV50 Unattached
55 BUTLER, Andy MV50 Bearbrook Joggers Running Club
8 CANNING, Ben MV40 Unattached
35 CARROLL, Mervyn MV40 Unattached
44 CHAPE, Sarah FS Unattached
59 COLEBOURN, Louise FS Unattached
60 COLEBOURN, Mark MS Unattached
61 CORTI, Andrew MV40 London Frontrunners
36 DONE, Stephen MV40 Unattached
48 DUNNETT, Mark MV50 South Devon Athletic Club
32 EDWARDS, Jake MS Unattached
28 ENGLAND, Mark MV40 Unattached
46 ETHERIDGE, Tom MS Unattached
11 FASHAM, Ben MS Unattached
43 FLOYD, Andrew MS Unattached
53 FOSTER, Tim MV60 Unattached
1 FRASER FISH, Amanda FV40 Woodbridge Shufflers Running Club
39 GRIFFIN, Duncan MV40 Wycombe Phoenix Harriers & AC
3 HODGSON, Ross MS Fetch Everyone
9 HOLDER, Roy MS Unattached
2 HONIGHT, Stephen MS Unattached
23 HOPWOOD , Fiona FV50 West 4 Harriers
29 JINADASA, Sahan MV40 Reading Road Runners
50 JONES, Nick MV50 Unattached
37 LADD, Dave MV50 Unattached
12 LOVE , Mark MV50 Unattached
34 MERTES, Maximilian MV40 Unattached
58 MUSONZAH, Alistair MS Unattached
13 NEEDHAM, Michael MS Unattached
49 NELSON, Ross MV40 Unattached
47 NEWMAN, Laura FS Unattached
42 NOLAN, Tony MV50 Bearbrook Joggers Running Club
19 PARFETT, David MV50 Handy Cross Runners
41 PATEL, Nicola FV40 Unattached
57 PHILLIPS, David MV70 Massey Ferguson Runners Club
24 PHILLIPS, Edward MV40 Unattached
30 RAMSEY, Morgan MV40 Unattached
16 ROBERTS, Nik MV40 Eynsham Road Runners
5 ROBINSON, Thomas MS Unattached
6 SLATER, Mark MV40 Unattached
51 SMITH, Richard MV60 Unattached
14 STACH, Justin MV40 Unattached
26 STONEHAM, Marcus MV40 Unattached
7 SULLIVAN, Jamie MS Unattached
45 SUTTON, Paul MV50 Unattached
33 SWEETING, Karen FV50 Unattached
31 TAYLOR, Kelly FS Unattached
20 THORPE, Vicky FV40 Unattached
21 TURNER , Olly MV40 Handy Cross Runners
54 VACHELL, Andrew MV40 Unattached
38 WARBURTON, David MV40 Unattached
56 WETHERED, Tom MV60 Unattached
17 WRIGHT, Andrew MV40 Unattached