We started out timing races for Garden City Runners in 2014. We now time the Welwyn 10K, Affinity Water race series and Festive 5 on their behalf.  We  timed over 30 races a year, bringing together the latest race timing equipment with our race knowledge.

We can chip time your race, provide participant registration services , manage bib design and ordering, chip purchase, and process your paper and on the day entries.

Our pricing is competitive and VAT free. Contact Craig Stephenson on 07764335141 or

Our registration website can be used for any event not just running; canoeing, cycling, triathlon, mtb.

  • Promote and link from Runners World and Run Britain without paying high fees. It is possible to link directly to your registration page hosted on our website, free of charge! Seamless integration with your website.
  • Typical charge by Runners world £2 per entrant. Our cost is far lower!
  • Website can be tailored to your clubs requirements including logo’s, t-shirt purchase, etc.
  • All entry fees taken securely by card via our payment platform.
  • Entry fees held on your behalf and paid to you whenever you request it.
  • Online entry transfers are a breeze for runners. We have a card terminal to accept all forms of card and contactless payment.
  • Registration services available for any sport or indeed event, without timing services, for a small commission.
  • We can open entries on the day for runners to enter online with their mobile phone and credit card so no cash handling. This allows you to fill your allocation of runners allowing for the usual dropout rate of 10-20% and maximise revenue.

Our equipment can be seen in action in our finish line videos

  • Dual timing mats for an extremely high capture rate, German precision equipment.
  • 5m inflatable gantry, powered by our generator meaning we can operate in any location free from mains power.
  • Powerful PA system.
  • Spotter mat for your PA who can see details of finishing runners 100m from the finish, a great tool!
  • Professional LED race clock
  • Receipt printer for runners to take a paper memento of their time home with them
  • We have competitive pricing for bibs, and our have many different types of disposable RFID chips available to meet your needs.
  • 500 reusable chips, particularly useful for smaller events where cost is a consideration. Low cost to use!

Our results delivery system incorporates:

  • Individual and team results are prepared as soon as as runners cross the line, and means instant results allowing prompt presentations to winners
  • Results to your precise specification and categories, County Championship individual and team results, tested before the race with dummy results for your approval.
  • Free hosting of results for you to link to from your website.
  • Text messages  are a very quick way to get results to runners, and cost effective. This is a recent improvement to our system and messages can be sent directly from the timing software immediately on runners finishing making our previous system redundant!
  • Emails can be sent from our timing system as runners pass over the timing mats at the finish, free of charge.
  • We can send bulk text messages or emails giving runners information at any time. We can also email runners for free as often as you want to communicate with them.
  • A reminder to runners in the days leading up to the race helps avoid any confusion about when and where the event is happening.

How Are We Different?

Races Online prides itself on being in the position to provide key elements that separate us from most other timing companies:

  • We treat every event we time as if we were timing one of our own races. We’re event directors, not just race timers.
  • We don’t believe in cutting corners or charging extra for services that we feel should be standard.
  • We don’t have a “B” team.
  • Timing clients are not simply our clients, but rather viewed as partners. As a partner, your race receives exposure on our website and social media; which is exposure you can’t buy (we don’t sell ads).